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Had a great time hosting a Twitter chat this morning on the new Facebook Timeline for business pages. One of the questions/complaints was about not being able to use pages you admin as yourself, instead of as your page. I stumbled across the fix for this on the old pages but thought it had disappeared on the changeover. Then my friend Sean McGinnis was asking about this on Facebook, and one of his friends replied that it was still there, buried somewhere in the admin info. So, this morning I promised everyone that I would go on an expedition and find it and post the directions. And here they are (please note, these are the basic directions for the old pages, too, but Edit Page is in a different place):

  • Go to page logged in as self 
  • Click on Manage in Admin Panel > Edit Page in drop down (this is at the top of the page if you have your Admin Panel open)
  • Click on Your Settings in left column
  • Uncheck: Always comment and post on your page as [page], even when using Facebook as [self].
Let me know if you have any questions. Hope it helps and makes your life as a page admin easier.

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