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We wish that we could help everyone do search engine optimization for their business. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to invest the money required to do SEO right. In the past, we’ve tried to provide flexible choices for SEO that were less expensive but did not provide the same results that higher paying SEO provides. This makes everyone unhappy. Clients wonder why they aren’t getting the same results that someone who paid 10X the money got. We wish we were able to do more work but can’t provide the same amount of work for less money. It’s not fair to our higher paying clients. So, we’ve decided we can only provide the correct service for the correct price. That means we’re going to have to say “no” to more clients.

But I still want those businesses who don’t have the budget right now to do well, so eventually they can invest in search engine optimization. So, here are a few suggestions for low cost marketing. These methods will require your time, so be sure to include your hourly rate when figuring the “cost” of these methods.

1. Networking
Professional organizations, non-profit groups, your local Chamber of Commerce all provide opportunities to meet potential clients. Read up on networking so that you’re doing it correctly. Simply showing up once and shoving your business card in everybody’s hand will NOT help you. Using these meetings as an opportunity to develop relationships with people that you can help, and who can also help you, will benefit your business. Some of the networking groups we are involved with are BNI http://www.bni.com/, the CY-Fair Chamber of Commerce http://www.cyfairchamber.com, and CYFEN http://www.cyfen.org. These are just a few examples of the way we use networking ourselves.

2. Social Networking
The same principles that apply to in person networking apply here. Showing up on Facebook and saying “Buy From ME!” every day is not going to improve your bottom line. Using social networking to build a relationship with your customers, providing content of interest to them and replying to their comments will. Remember not to restrict your “social media” activities to Facebook. Figure out where your customers are and go there. If that’s Twitter, then you should be on Twitter. If that’s Pinterest, then get to pinning. If you have no idea what any of that means, then you may need to invest in some education. There are plenty of websites and books on the topic. Or some social media professionals will work with you to create the strategy but leave the implementation to you. Contact us if you want more information or need a referral.

3. Content Creation
Having a blog on your website will usually help your blog show up better in the results. You do need to create quality content. And you do need to post regularly. And make sure to monitor your comments. You don’t want to leave people hanging if they ask a question or give you a thumbs up. Also, make sure the content is a good reflection on your business – that means you must use spell check and edit your work. If writing is not your thing, then perhaps you can use photography or videos for content. Or you may be able to hire someone – but remember quality content is not cheap. If you’re trying to save money, and you can’t create your own content, then you might want to consider another route.

4. Develop Strategic Partnerships
If your target market is stay at home Moms, who else has that same target with a different product? Reach out to them. Get together for coffee. See if you can work together to help both of you grow your businesses. This works well with two people, but if you can find four or five people who are all looking to build their business in the same market, that’s even better. One caveat – make sure that you’re talking with people that you would actually be happy to recommend. These types of situations only work when all the parties involved feel comfortable bringing business to the others. If one person is getting a lot of business but never brings anything to the table for the others, that’s a recipe for disaster.

I hope you’ve found something useful for your business in this article and that your business will soon be growing by leaps and bounds. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re always happy to talk to fellow business owners. We all benefit when other businesses succeed!

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