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Who is Mantyweb Designs?

Mantyweb Designs is run by:

  • Jill Manty – the geek speak translator extraordinaire
  • George Manty – the geek side of Mantyweb Designs

What Do We Do?

Quite simply we are a one stop shop for your online business needs.

How Did We Start The Business?

After working for 20 years in the computer software industry, most recently as a Java programmer George decided to follow his passion. For more than 4 years George has run one of the most popular and highly ranked blogs on making money online called Can I Make Big Money Online.  

George now puts his over 8 years experience designing websites for fun and profit to work for you. He has a great track record with getting sites ranked for keywords and he has helped teach many others how to do this for their sites just like he will for you.

About The Owners

The owners of MantyWeb Designs are George Manty and his wife Jill Manty. We have 6 wonderful wonderful homeschooled children. We are a family oriented company and we care for our clients like family. That’s why when you do business with Mantyweb Designs you get top notch personal service.

While George has been working on websites, Jill has homeschooled their children and created content both for her own websites and for some of George’s sites. During that time, she has picked up a thing or two about website promotion from listening to George. She is currently the Vice President of Marketing for the CYFEN American Business Women’s Association. Jill is the chattier of the two, so she will often be your first contact with MantyWeb Designs.

To learn more about Jill check out her recent interview on Women in Business Radio:

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where all people have a choice.

And where those choices are informed.

Where people make decisions based on unbiased information.

A world free from coercion.

In such a world, people would be presented with logic and facts and left to make up their own minds, free from scare tactics, over-exaggerations, deliberately flawed statistics and self-serving advice.

Our Mission Statement

To enable small business owners to make choices about where to spend their online marketing dollars.

We accomplish this through providing information and a range of services.

We do not sell services that profit our business without helping yours. We do not sell services without informing you of choices even if it costs us a sale. As much as possible we provide pros and cons of different options available, working with you to determine the best plan for your business.

We stay abreast of new developments in our field and encourage training for our employees and contractors so we can provide current and unbiased information.

We answer all questions before you sign up for our services and we are available to answer all your questions that might arise even after the sale.

We provide a range of pricing options so that you can choose a plan that works for your business.

We only offer binding contracts as a means to offer greater flexibility in pricing.

We communicate openly and transparently with all who come in contact with MantyWeb Designs, whether clients, contractors, or employees.

We sometimes partner with other like minded businesses to provide you the greatest range of choices.

We maintain relationships within our community so that if we don’t offer the best answer to your business problem we can offer a referral to someone who may have a better solution for you.

Ethical Web Marketing

We only use ethical promotion techniques, and we only work with clients who do the same. We feel an obligation in this regard to God, our fellow man and to ourselves.


Our company is located in Cypress, Texas (just northwest of Houston).