How the Other Half Tweets…


I was honored when my friend Margie Clayman asked me to participate in her Women and Social Media series. I even knew what I wanted to write about- how women and men seem to use social media differently, with men tending more towards using the various platforms to “get ahead”,...  More »

What is Social Media?


For those who have been in the internet marketing world for a while, this may be a big “yawn” question. But there are a lot of local business owners out there who hear this buzz word and don’t really know what on earth this means. I talk to such owners...  More »

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog


I have been blogging since 2004 and over the last 6 years more and more businesses have added blogs to their website. When I started blogging there weren’t a lot of people doing it. However, now the tides have turned. Not only are a lot of people blogging, a lot...  More »

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