Website Conversion

Provide Proof


The Internet is a wonderful place, but along with all the great services and products you can find, there’s plenty of garbage and scams. Because of this, people shopping online can be hard to convince. Most shoppers want to make sure they’re going to get value for their money, so...  More »

You Have To Make It Easy For People To Buy


As frustrating as it may be, you can still lose a customer even after they’ve decided they want to buy from you. You can lose them during the purchasing phase of the sale. If your purchasing process is difficult or makes them jump through hoops the chance you’ll lose that...  More »

Is Your Web Marketing Targeting The Right Visitors?


Traffic doesn’t spend money, targeted traffic does. To get traffic that will spend money on your site, you have to target potential visitors that are relevant to your site. Not only are they the kinds of people looking specifically for you or for your service, but they need to be...  More »

Your Website Needs A Call To Action


What do you want people to do when they visit your site? You may want to make a sale. You may want to generate a lead for your offline business. You may want to gain a subscriber to your newsletter. Regardless of what kind of business you own, you need...  More »

Does Your Website Look Unprofessional?


If you visited your site for the first time with no preconceived ideas about the business, what would you think?  Does your site show up to that initial contact in a suit and tie, or is it wearing cut offs and a Metallica t-shirt?  Things that seem insignificant when you...  More »

Is your website brazen enough?


I know it seems counter-intuitive. You want to have the nice, polite website that says please and thank you and sits primly, ankles crossed while sipping tea (pinky raised, of course). Why would you want a bossy website? Because you want to make sales, and your prim website is the...  More »

What’s Your Story?


What story does your website tell your customers? Is it a hard luck story of a business that hasn’t undergone a revision in ten years? Is it a story about a cutting edge company that’s up on the latest trends? Your website’s appearance certainly DOES tell a story, but today...  More »

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