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Web Design Checklist

Before we start working on designing your website there are some basic things you need to have ready beforehand. Here is our simple web design checklist…

1. Domain name
You need to choose a good domain name. If you already have a good domain name then you are set. If you are creating a brand new site, then let us help you a choose a domain name by doing some keyword research.

2. Web Hosting
Be sure to have web hosting picked out ahead of time. We recommend HostGator, but there are many good web hosts out there to choose from.

3. Payment processing account
If you need to accept payments online, you will need to have a payment process account (merchant account). Be sure to get the information about using your merchant account for online transactions. The main thing you will need to know is your payment gateway. Without a payment gateway, you can’t take payments for online orders.

4. List Of Sites You Like
Make a list of three or more sites that you like and that you would like to model your site after. Make notes about what you like and don’t like about each one. The more clear you are on what you want out of a site, the happier you will be with your new site.

5. A Plan For Your Website Pages
What pages do you need on your site? A home page, an about us page, contact page, a calendar? How would you like the navigation laid out? Do you want people the links to other pages at the top, on the side? Do you need any interactive pages, such as contact forms, quote requests, etc.? Giving us this information is necessary for giving an accurate quote and helps us to complete your site faster.

6. Website Text
The content of your site is very important. Think of your website as an extended sales brochure. What message do you want to give potential or current customers. Make sure the writing is engaging and always focuses on your customer. Generally, the client provides any text that goes on the website. If you prefer that we write the text, we are able to provide that service for an additional fee.

7. Photos
Gather the photos that you want to use on your website. Photos that stand out and make your site unique. If you need photos of your particular product or location, having them done by a professional is a good idea. More general photos can be found on stock photo websites. Don’t feel that you need to provide every photo that will appear on the website, but we at least need descriptions of the photos you want to appear.

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